Like a bird


like a bird

i will fly

away up and

sit on a branch

to the

highest three

in this world

up to he sky then

up to the angels

in heaven

where i will

be content

for good

never in my

life i had

such misfortune

as this year 2015

i believe

i can hardly explain

my feelings

more than i did

when i painted

king playing the guitar

The undertakers office


This could be

something to discuss

for doctors, policemen

and priests

This awful situation

I have to deal with

My  life is full

of emptieness

since exactly


when I met my siblings

at the undertakers office

My dad died

two months ago

and I wonder ow

the  life for us

who remains her in

this world will proceed

If I was a prophet

i would look at the  future

with curios and nervous eyes

Maybe tomorrow



You are my

true lover

My only

lover in

this wide world

This wide world

i´ve  got much joy

to meet you


pleasesd to meet’


in Heaven

together with

my daddy

some day

Maybe tomorrow

I´ve been

drinking some wine

And my mind

is confused

My lover

You´are two


in one

And one

of theese persons

is the one

that I am