200 days until Christmas Day today


If I´d  have luck today

i would be convinced

that God really exists

just for my sake

Because today

it is exactly 100

days until my birthday

and it’s 200 days

until Christmas Day

What else can

i say about today

more than that

I have been awake

for 24 hours

in a row

Read my lips:

There must be

some good news today

or else

I´ll believe the world

is gonna continue

to move on

like a great ball

of fire

until I´m dead



A winters day

36 years ago

We  drank some coffee

at one of  the cafeteria´s in

the town I lived in 1979

The coffee tasted good

And the buns were

tasty them as well

Time is a vampire

‘I´m getting old

and the coffee tastes

like hell

And the buns

are very dangerous to eat