The angels

are speaking

to me

And the

people are


my life

each and every moment

I eat my

bread and rice

and meatballs

like a hungry horse

I care more

for eating

than making love

with a woman

Women are

just something

i get

in paradise

I believe so

Let it be

paradise now in Halloween

cause I´horny now

like as cat



Ain´t seeing

the woods

for all the trees

I think

I´m gonna

stop now

doing  this


There´s  no

use to proceed



had happened

The devil

believes this

gonna proceed


next year

But let

it be

that way

if it´s necessary

Let the weasels

rip my flesh

until new years day

I will

think about Barbro

and her

trust in

God that day

May I

fall and

break my bones

I know

Jesus will

heal me

like he


the Roman

soldiers ear

at the

last night

he  was

a human being


Red wine


This is

the last

time in

my life

I ever did

get drunk

I feel sick!

I feel like

to  puke!

I regret

that ‘stupid

action to

even buy

this bottle

of Appassimento

Go and get

the truth

wherever it is

But don´t

tell me

no more

wicked lies

about the

¨blood of

Jesus Christ

in a bottle


red wine, man!


The idol


The idol

is working

all night long


his song

about love

for those

who suffer


The idol

is lying

alone in

his bed


about the

old times

when he

was young

and innocent


A new day

has broken

And he

is wondering

if this

day is

gonna be

as boring

as the

day before