She likes  psychiatrists

She does´nt  believe in Gods


She swims like

a fish

in the

ocean of madness

that the

‘world consists

I spoke

to a sick  fish

And it

did no use

for my


I have no


for such

a sinful


Let  her

suffer and

go under

in her own dirt

I don´t

like people

like her

Utah Bulwark


Beauty is like a stayer’
who just
before the race
has been sick
in a bad disease’

And he
reach the
by a hair

And then
against all
odds by
a tremendous spurt
from fourth
place outside
goes to
a surprising victory
I loved it
so much
that I weep
when it happens
and I love
it still
even though
I did bet
on the favorite

In the next room

o id

Nobody should
be allowed
to listen at me
while I´m
talking to myself
here in
my apartment
But somebody does
Even at
night there´s
a man
and a woman
in the next
room in
the other
who is listening
while I am talking
about that and that
I want to
be released
I want to
stop talking
to myself
I want to
paint a portrait
of the people
who is laughing
and crying
in the next room



Listen to

the music

of your

most inner


The music sounds


with a little


from a

loving soul

If you

love somebody

jut let

her know

what you

feel about

her for

this very moment

when love

is hot

and nobody

is her darling yet


skanna0023The eveing was warm

I roasted a hamburger

And the smoke

turned on

the fire alarm

The guy from the staff

knocked at my door

and I was

told to air

the apartment

I can´t understand

this life

I thought I´d

bought two pizzas

but it was really

nothing else but

four big


for those

who can have

a brazier to

barbecue them on

Life is

so sad

I don´t want to eat

I don´t want to poo

or to urinate

time after time

all day long

The existence

is all

about shit and piss

I have a strong faith though

I believe  soon

don´t had to  eat

and the


is just

like a memory

of a bad ream