The little girls dog


‘I want you

to be

my friend

said the


to the

little girl

who was

afraid and lonely

and she

suddenly woke up

from her

dream and

saw a  dog

that was

barking on

the bedroom- floor

Fear for ghosts

and doubt


gods existence

was just

a memory

from that


She walked

out to

the playground

and showed

the mates

herself happy

for once in

her life

Today it is my birthday


i´m turning

58 years today

Today it´s


100 day´s until

Christmas day

And it´s also today

exactly 200 days

since Maria

had her name day

at 28 February

I´m sure that

there´s something

about me

although I´m sick

and have


with s my sleep

At my birthday

the name-day

is DAG

which means

DAY in English

I am waiting for

my parents

to celebrate me

to begin with

In second hand

I´m waiting to

become a god



There is nobody

but me

It depends on

what I am doing

what will


in this world

For the

very last time

in my life

Ive had

blamed nobody

else but

Satan for

making my

life troubled

and crazy

Satan is doomed

Now in a moment

the life soon

will get

a new appearance


Sixten Mood


I didn’t  know

what time it was

I didn’t understand

how far

the trip

had taken me

I just understood

the reality

more than ever before

A cat

James Bond

Angel heart with Mickey

Rourke meant a lot

for my life

The lifew


the cat

who lived at

my parents

street for 16 vyears

‘I believe


110 days till Christmas day


Sixth of September

and 110 days

until Christmas day

But i do hope

father Christmas

will come

at my birthday

16 September

and bring

me presents

A beautiful young lady

to me

and eternal

beauty and youth

for me

I am sure

this will happen

I am sure

the very bottom

of shamelessness

has been showed

to me from

my fellow creatures

in this place

that is hell

for me nowadays

Spinning world


I´ts going

a long night

The keys

are lost


I now must

stay up

and be

awake and work

I´m gonna

do a painting

to nite

a painting

about a man

who know

when the

world will stop

spinning around

He and his

mate are chasing

a big wolf

with a sword

Make their dream

come true

Live your lives

like the

world was made

for love

peace and tranquility